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Education, Retraining & Transition


Information and support for those wanting to take educational courses, retraining and/or looking to make the move from military to civilian life or, are returning from extended sick leave.

Advanced Learning Loans & Bursary Fund

Help with the costs of college for people aged 24 (eligible level 34 courses only). The loan must be paid back once the course is finished and earning a minimum salary of £21,000 . Loan eligibility is not dependent on income.


Army Education Centre

Offers a wide range of Personal & Professional Development courses for Army personnel.


Change Step (also incorporates CAIS)

Covers Wales and is a peer-led mentoring and advice service for military veterans and others with PTSD or probable substance misuse. They run the Troop Cafe which provides training and development opportunities and assistance in seeking employment including a variety of accredited catering and hospitality training and work experience placements.


The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme is a free residential training course/coaching programme for veterans and adult families.


Some advice for service leavers and veterans looking for work…

Last week I gave a two-day, one-to-one career transition course to a soldier who is soon to leave the army. The course, grounded in the philosophy of Transperformance™, teaches people how to manage their own career changes, inspiring, I hope, an ability to be in control of one’s own destiny, and to enable participants to be able to move forward with renewed confidence in their own abilities. As has happened time and again with other people I have helped, this particular soldier had many questions and I encouraged him to ask them all, however silly he felt one or two were. Once again, I noticed how much subtext lay behind the questions, primarily based, as is so often the case, on what other service personnel had said to him. And so, as these two wonderful days are still a close and happy memory I thought I would update my blog with some thoughts for military job-seekers. (Because there isn’t enough advice out there already is there?!)

This leads into my immediate thought.

1) ENDLESS ADVICE: (How ironic when I am offering advice…. To read the full article please follow this LINK