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Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities for those with restrictions who still want the thrill of adventure & the chance try new things.  This list is going to get bigger and bigger, if you have any top tips please let us know.

Access Adventures

We’re outdoor adventurers who love a challenge.  We’ve founded a non-profit organisation to provide fun adaptive programmes, hoping to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by giving them access to sport and outdoor adventures


The Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST)

The Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team is a Service charity that exists to accelerate the recovery of wounded, injured or sick military personnel and veterans. We do this through the medium of performance alpine skiing, snowboarding and Nordic/biathlon, providing a winter sports focus for disabled athletes to regain their spirit of challenge and competition.


British Disabled Waterski & Wakeboard Association

Our aim is to introduce newcomers to the fantastic sport of water skiing, regardless of physical or learning ability.


The Backup Trust

We are here to inspire independence in anyone affected by spinal cord injury and to encourage everyone to get the most from their lives.  We work with people of all ages, from young children to the elderly, whatever the motivation or background.


The Bike Experience 

The Bike Experience is a charity that teaches and advises motorcyclists who have been disabled how they can ride again, through the provision of an adapted and modified motorcycle which will allow them to ride in a safe environment using a logical step by step process.


Disability Snow Sports UK

We work to make sure that anyone with a disability, may it be learning, sensory or physical, can ski or snowboard alongside other people.

We are a membership organisation, and welcome anyone of any levels of skiing and fitness. We cater for complete novices to snowsports all the way to elite athletes.


 HorseBack UK

HorseBack UK is a charity created to provide a safe and secure environment to teach the art of Horsemanship for Military, Corporate and Communities




Looking for adventure activities? Imagine the feeling as you skim across the water, the wind and sun on your face with the spray firing into the air from the back of your board?! Or gliding across the sand in a kite buggy, or on a kite landboard, powered by nothing but the wind.


Pony Axe S takes people who use wheelchairs to all the places where wheelchairs can’t take them. No need to transfer to all terrain or beach wheelchairs, no need to leave your wheelchair behind. We take you, in your wheelchair, anywhere.


The Rough Riderz

Rough Riderz gravity biking club was formed to help disabled and able-bodied mountain bikers participate in the UK’s newest downhill MTB scene, and promote it as an integrated sport nationwide.


Secret Adventures

Secret Adventures bring you unusual and off grid adventures in London and beyond. These adventures are designed to generate a sense of exploration and wonder.


Ski 2 Freedom

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation is the link for anyone whose life is affected by a disability, special need, life-challenging or life-changing condition, regardless of age, nationality, cultural or social background – families, individuals and groups to winter and year round activities.


Weston Windsport

Weston Blokart Club is a new Blokart club for Weston Super Mare. We are a group of Blokart Sailors who want to have lots of fun from our Blokart Sailing. You need to own a Blokart and be a member of  the BLSA to be able to join WBC, this will give you the required insurance and access to use the Windzone at Uphill.