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Veterans in Custody

Veterans in Custody

Action for Prisoners

Provides information about the support available for families of prisoners (UK wide).


Assisted Prison Visits Unit

Provides travelling expenses for people on low incomes (age 18 or over) who are visiting a close relative in prison.



Catch 22

Offers structured support networks including ex-military volunteer mentors to assist veterans in custody and in reducing re-offending.  Also offers physical and mental health support services.



Care after Combat

Care after Combat are a UK based charity providing professional assistance for the well-being of Veterans and their family.


Citizens Advice

Provides confidential information on benefits and your entitlements from housing to mobility and tax credits to those employed, unemployed, sick or disabled and also issues related to prison.  Some Citizen Advice Bureaus offer advice sessions in prison.


National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NACRO)

Provides information, advice and resettlement support for those who have left or are leaving prison and advice and advocacy to serving prisoners, former prisoners and others facing severe barriers in various aspects of their lives because of their former offending.


Offenders’ Families Helpline

Free and confidential information and support to family members of those in prison across England, Wales and Scotland.


Prisoners’ Advice Service (PAS)

Provides information and advice to prisoners on prisoners’ rights.



Prison Reform Trust

Provides information resources and advice on prison life, rules and regulations, and prisoners’ rights. It cannot help with cases of wrongful conviction or appeals.


Royal British Legion Prison-in-Reach

Offers advice and practical support to veterans who are serving a prison sentence and their immediate dependents.

support.britishlegion.org.uk/app/answers/list/search/1/kw/prison in reach programme/suggested/1

SSAFA Prison-in-Reach

Supports service veterans and their partners who are serving a prison sentence, are in custody or are on release.



The Forces Employment Charity (RFEA)

RFEA ex-forces custody mentors provides support to veterans in the criminal justice system by:

Assessing of needs

Sourcing funding for the up-skilling of lapsed qualifications during custodial sentence

Encouraging veterans to start their own business

Accessing established funding streams to help veterans set up businesses.



A charity for people with convictions – offering information, support, and advice on overcoming the long-term effects of convictions.


Women in Prison

Provides support and advice to women in prison, and those who have left prison.