Study Team

Melanie Chesnokov – senior project manager

Melanie came to the ADVANCE Study in 2017 as a senior project manager from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (King’s College London), having coordinated several studies with the military over the previous years. One of these studies involved screening thousands of military personnel for mental health issues following operational tours to Afghanistan.

After this, Melanie ran a study investigating the impact of having a military father with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on adolescent children’s emotional well-being and behaviour. This tri-service study involved visiting over 100 families in their homes to undertake a variety of interviews and video interactions.

As ADVANCE Study project manager Melanie is responsible for recruitment of participants to the study cohort, leading the clinical and administrative members of the fieldwork team, and fostering links with academic and funding partners of the study.

Daniel Dyball – research assistant

Daniel graduated from University of Kent with a degree in Applied Psychology in 2010. He then spent several years working in clinical mental health fields, ranging from forensic mental health to child and adolescent mental health. His research interests include military, physical and mental health interactions, and mental health stigma.

Daniel started working for King’s Centre for Military Health Research in 2015, where he was involved in a study of mental health in (ex-)serving personnel and help-seeking behaviour / barriers to care. As part of this project, Daniel interviewed over 550 armed forces personnel about their mental health.

Daniel then moved on to join the ADVANCE Study team and to endeavour on a PhD in Psychological Medicine. His work on ADVANCE includes IMPACTS (Interactions between Mental and Physical health Among Combat-injured and non-injured veTerans and serving personnel Study). The study investigates how mental health affects physical health, both negatively and positively.

Sarah Evans – research assistant

Sarah is a research assistant working on the ADVANCE Study. She joined the team in 2017 after completing an MSc in War and Psychiatry at King’s College London. Prior to this Sarah graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Psychology and worked as a research assistant at the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, working on studies looking at parent-child relationships in new family forms. Before starting her masters Sarah was an assistant psychologist at the Evelina London children’s hospital, working as part of a clinical psychology team supporting children, young people and their families.

Sarah is part of a military family and has always been interested in the armed forces. Her research interests include the experiences of service members and their families, as well as mental health and mental health stigma.

Guy Fraser – research nurse

Guy joined the ADVANCE Study in May 2019. He brought with him two years’ extensive clinical research experience from phase 1 and first in human pharmaceutical trials. In his previous roles he delivered and encouraged good clinical practice whilst carrying out his nurse in charge duties.

Before joining ADVANCE Guy also worked for over 20 years in the acute nursing sector, which consisted of thoracic surgery, respiratory medicine, coronary care and cardiac intensive care.

Guy’s primary role within ADVANCE is to provide a safe and professional environment for the study participants whilst carrying out study procedures and recording findings accurately.

Meliha Kaya-Barge – healthcare assistant

Meliha qualified as a nurse in 2006 from Birmingham City University and currently works as a healthcare assistant in the ADVANCE Study. Originally from Turkey, she has been in the UK since 1999 and is married to a serving soldier in the nursing corps. Together they travel around Europe for her husband’s work.

Urszula Pucilowska – administrator

Urszula joined the ADVANCE team in 2016 following many years working in finance and business administration in the private sector as well as in the NHS.

As ADVANCE Study administrator Urszula is responsible for ensuring the maintenance of effective and professional relationships with stakeholders and participants. As the first point of call when visitors arrive at the ADVANCE office at Stanford Hall or call in, Urszula ensures everyone gets a warm welcome and is fully aware of where they need to be and when.

As well as dealing with participants face-to-face and over the phone and e-mail, Urszula supports the clinical team, helping ensure the smooth and effective running of the Study.

Molly Waldron – research nurse

Molly has been a clinical research nurse since 2013 and has a background in mental health nursing. She has led on several research trials in a variety of settings, including cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and mental health. She started in the ADVANCE Study research team in October 2018 and her main role is to recruit participants to the study and carry out assessments.

Seamus Wilson – senior research nurse

Seamus joined the team in March 2019 and brings with him a wealth of clinical research experience. His research nursing career began in 2011 whilst living in Melbourne, Australia where he was appointed to a position at Monash University to coordinate a large community based randomised controlled clinical trial.

Following five years at Monsah University, Seamus went on to work within a hospital setting acting as primary study coordinator for a large portfolio of pharmaceutical studies that consisted of multiple phased studies in breast cancer and cardiac intervention cardiology research.

His primary role in the ADVANCE Study is to lead the clinical team whilst working closely with the rest of the ADVANCE team.

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