Message to ADVANCE participants regarding COVID-19 (updated 12th July 2021):

The ADVANCE study is currently seeing participants. We’ve made some changes to the ADVANCE study day to ensure safety for you and our staff. As part of the appointment process, we recommend the below. Please note that COVID-19 lateral flow test is now a requirement for anyone entering Stanford Hall.

  • Please take a COVID-19 lateral flow test the day before your ADVANCE appointment. More details on this can be found below.
  • If possible, please bring a mask. If you do not have one, please make the recruitment team aware and we will make one available to you for your visit.
  • If possible, please drive your own vehicle to Stanford Hall. If you must come via public transport, please take every opportunity to wash your hands, wear a mask and keep safe.
  • Please socially distance during your visit wherever possible. Tape is clearly marked on floors in some clinic areas for your convenience.
  • Please confirm with a member of the recruitment team about any cold/flu-like symptoms that you have had in the last 4 weeks, or if you have been in contact with someone who had COVID-19. If you have had symptoms, we may need to delay your appointment. We will contact you within 48 hours of your appointment to confirm that you have no symptoms.

COVID-19 lateral flow test before your appointment

Taking a COVID-19 lateral flow test the day before your ADVANCE visit is now a requirement. You can collect these tests from any pharmacy or test centre for free. Alternatively, you can order the tests online and get them delivered to you. Please note that delivery will take a few days, so only use this method if you have the time before your appointment for them to arrive.

Once you have taken the test, please report your result via this link. Once you have reported your negative result online, you will be sent a text or an email confirming the negative result. You will have to show this text or email to the gate house at Stanford Hall before you are allowed to enter the site.

If you get a positive result, please inform us so that we can re-arrange your appointment. Then follow the government guidelines in terms of isolating and getting a PCR test.

We hope that you find your day with us at ADVANCE interesting and informing. If you have any questions or concerns about your safety during your visit, please email us on

Best wishes,

The ADVANCE team

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