ADVANCE around the world: Meetings and conferences attended in 2023

ADVANCE researchers are honoured to have been invited to present ADVANCE findings at various meetings around the world in 2023.

In August 2023, ADVANCE Lead Investigator Gp Capt Alex Bennett and ADVANCE postdoctoral researcher Dr Fraje Watson attended the Military Health System Research Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Alex presented an overview of ADVANCE findings to date, and Fraje presented her research on osteoarthritis in the ADVANCE cohort. Alex and Fraje are pictured at the conference above. Alex also attended the “Warrior Care in the 21st Century” meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany, in September.

Other conferences have included Dr Dan Dyball attending the CIMVHR 2023 conference in Canada in October to present his ADVANCE research on post-traumatic growth as well as suicidal ideation. At the same conference, ADVANCE researcher Dr Susie Schofield presented ADVANCE lung function data.

ADVANCE PhD student Rabeea Maqsood also presented her ADVANCE research on heart rate variability at different meetings in 2023, including the Society for Social Medicine & Population Health Annual Scientific Meeting 2023 in September. Rabeea is pictured below.