13th October 2020: Help improve health and wellbeing support for armed forces families!

NHS England have asked us to circulate this survey on how to improve services and support to armed forces families in England (regular, reserve and veteran families).

We know this is important to you, our ADVANCE Study friends and family, so do check out and fill in the survey. Your input WILL make a difference!

The NHS in England provides healthcare services for families of serving personnel who have registered with an NHS GP and the families of veterans.

Even though most armed forces families enjoy healthy lives, the unique circumstances of military life can cause pressure for some and have an impact on health and wellbeing. Moving home every few years can also make it more difficult to access NHS services. NHS England want to help change this, so that armed forces families are able to access local NHS services easily wherever they might be in England. They also want to ensure that the best possible care and support is provided.

The survey is an opportunity for you to share your views on how this is done!