Supplementary Studies

In addition to the core ADVANCE investigations, we currently have two supplementary studies ongoing. These are described below.

Military to civilian transition

The military to civilian transition project is funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) and explores military to civilian transition experiences of the ADVANCE cohort. The project is led by Professor Nicola Fear who is the King’s College London lead for ADVANCE.

The project encompasses health, quality of life and employment outcomes and how they relate to one another and determine how injury and rehabilitation can have both positive and negative effects. Three-year follow-up will be used to identify factors predictive of stable, improving or worsening outcomes, and factors aiding or hindering transition over the period from injury to post-military life.

The findings from this work will provide evidence to understand how service personnel who have experienced physical injuries as a result of their deployment manage after leaving the military community and the influences on their longer term health and wellbeing.

Amputee biomechanics

The amputee biomechanics study uses state-of-the-art facilities at Stanford Hall to look at the relationship between muscle function and performance, and ultimately the impact of sustaining a lower limb amputation on future health. The results will be used to help improve the rehabilitation process and therefore improve quality of life.

The participants will undergo different tests, including 3D motion capture to assess movement, MRI and ultrasound scans of lower limbs, and strength assessments of hip, knee and ankle muscles.

The project is a collaboration between Imperial College London, University of Loughborough and the Ministry of Defence.

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