‘Road to Recovery’ exhibition at the National Army Museum in London

If you happen to be in London before the 28th of August, we recommend the brilliant (and free) ‘Road to Recovery’ exhibition at the National Army Museum. If you look closely, you will find a mention of the ADVANCE Study, and you might even spot a few familiar faces from Headley Court.

You can make it a day out for the whole family and show friends and family how ADVANCE is part of a really fascinating story. And don’t forget about the brilliant museum gift shop…

The exhibition explores the rehabilitation and recovery journeys of soldiers who have suffered life-changing physical or mental injuries in service. They talk about how they have overcome challenges brought on by their injuries and the transition back to civilian life, the resilience they have required and gained as a result, and also at times the positive impact their injuries have had on their lives, such as post-traumatic growth.